Sustainability addresses the environmental, social, and economic impacts of materials, processes, and products. Improving sustainability requires science-based methodologies to measure the impacts and guide decisions on tactics to reduce the negative print. AMLY assesses products from cradle to grave following ISO 14040, 14044 that set the guides for Life Cycle Assessment. Following the Assessment, AMLY creates a plan with strategies and guidelines for improving a product's environmental profile. Also, AMLY can create a business document or Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) to show the LCA results for business decisions.

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Better management of materials starts from the design phase and requires a comprehensive view. The use of materials is defined at this stage, deciding what the end of life of materials will be. There are strategies that can be implemented at the design phase and at any other phase of the production of goods that can prevent pollution and solid waste generation. Learning where and what triggers waste and tracing the materials to keep track of them can facilitate their continued use in our economy. However, it is important to return healthier and safer materials that don't pose harm to users and the environment. Implementing waste assessments, traceability, health declarations, and circular design can facilitate safer material re-use in the economy, green procurement, reducing waste-to-landfill, and better materials management.


First, materials circulating in the economy should have no hazardous ingredients, making formula optimization a necessary action. AMLY screens material ingredients under the HPDC standard and assist the value chain to find safer alternatives. Second, AMLY provides guidance to make safer circular solutions from the design and specifying safer materials. Designers can create sustainable designs but if materials don't contain safer chemicals,  toxins will be back in production.  Removing red flags ingredients and helping suppliers improve their products enables a whole new market of circular materials that can be traced and reintegrated into the economy. AMLY uses circularity metrics and Eco-design strategies to help create safer and circular products reducing solid waste and demand for virgin materials.


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