Life cycle assessment

Use of science based tools and industry standards to measure the environmental impacts of materials and products. 

Environmental Product declaration

This B2B declaration, communicates the environmental impacts identified in the Life Cycle Assessment.


Change the design attributes and features of products, targeting hot spots identified in the Life Cycle Assessment.

Material Declarations

Declare the potential hazards of the chemical formulation of materials for product optimization and transparency.

Implementation of the programs

Electronics and electrical equipment

Life Cycle Assessment has been used by electrical, electronic, and HVAC equipment manufacturers to identify the phase of the life cycle, the materials, and components that drive the environmental impacts of products.


Design with the end in mind, considering how a product will be retired from use and how the design enables material recovery. Different strategies and tools are implemented during design activities.

Environmental Product Declarations

This Type III environmental declaration developed in accordance with ISO 14025 is a B2B vehicle to communicate the environmental impacts of products.  It has gain traction in the building sector because products with EPDs can qualify for credits under the LEED rating system. 


Working with suppliers to find sustainable solutions that meet manufacturers' goals has helped the value chain optimize their materials, rethink the manufacturing, and strive for sustainable sourcing.

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