Material Traceability And Carbon Allocation In The Supply Chain

AMLY Sustainability provides services that focus on the contribution of the physical attributes of products to environmental impacts across the life cycle of the product. In addition to this, AMLY Sustainability has partnered with Circulor. This company provides a proven solution for material traceability and carbon allocation through the use of technology. Material traceability tracks the different steps a product encounters in the supply chain. Traceability can follow origin, suppliers, and more. It can be done with both a digital twin and a blockchain (Figure 2). The digital twin is a digital representation of a physical product while the blockchain is a “storage space” for a supply chain that has restrictions on access which allows there to be minimal errors. For carbon allocation, it is the assignment of carbon emission to a material, process, or supplier. This allows manufacturers to identify where in the supply chain carbon is being emitted. To keep track of everything, Circulor has Traceability-as-a-Service which can be used to see some items like supply chain mapping and verification (Figure 1). By using services from AMLY Sustainability and Circulor, your business will be able to see all of the factors that apply to your product across the supply chain.

Figure 1.
Figure 2.

By Kyra Bassett Marketing Intern AMLY Sustainability

July 30, 2021

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