AIM empowers designers and engineers with Sustainability knowledge.


Design for Sustainability


Integrate Life Cycle thinking.


Use science to improve the design.

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Hi, I'm Ana Leal

Environmental Sustainability Advisor 

Years ago when designing products, I wondered how my designs impacted the environment and the user. I took action and learned the science of Sustainability to assess the impacts of products. I was empowered to make informed design decisions that could reduce environmental negative effects. Today, as the founder of AMLY Sustainability, I want to help other designers gain skills to implement Sustainability in their design process. I created AIM, a method that  Assesses, Improves, and Multiplies Sustainability in design.  It empowers design decision-makers with Sustainability knowledge and tools to accelerate the integration of this science in product design and development.

The AIM method gives you tools and strategies to Assess, Improve, and Multiply Sustainability in design.

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